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 uVPC Systems РOpening Profiles

All COOL OR COSY uPVC window and door profiles have been produced exclusively with calcium-zinc instead of lead ingredients. Calcium-zinc is a new type of stabiliser. It makes uPVC profiles more resistant to weather conditions. In Australia lead stabilised windows and door profiles will be outlawed as of January 2008.

The cross section of our C70 Gold system shown highlights a number of key features:

Double Glazing

1. Low line gaskets and weatherseals provide lasting performance and slimmer sightlines.

2. Five chambered system is more energy efficient than the three chambered designs from many of our competitors.

3. The full depth, central eurogroove helps make the windows and doors more secure.

4. Steel reinforcement is used to add additional structural strength.

5. The chambered design of C70 Gold gives a modern and clean look through the frame, sash and glazing bead.

6. Single leg glazing bead is highly secure and easy to install on site.

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Double Glazing Perth

Sliding Systems

Double Glazing Doors


Sliding doorsCA225SL is a thermal break system, appropriate for sliding balcony doors and windows. A special feature is the option of embedding a stainless steel rail into the frame profiles. The options of using a polyamide or aluminium rail, give an extra advantage to the system. The sash and frame profiles come with 24mm polyamide bars. With a 38mm sash width, the system can offer excellent thermal insulation. Finally, CA225SL can be applicable for any type of construction, sliding and built-in doors and windows, even for wide opening applications.


Sliding DoorsCA230SL is one of the latest technological achievements in the sliding system group of products. With contemporary linear design, the system is ideal for wide opening applications, having profiles with great endurance and high moment of inertia. The system presents excellent thermal- insulation properties thanks to the 20-24mm polyamides and special multi chambered PVC add-ons. Moreover, the system offers water-tightness through EPDM sealing gaskets and its special lift & slide railing mechanism. These fittings give the possibility of using large and thick glazing units, with a capacity that can reach up to 250 Kg sash weight, and 2,500 mm each panel width.

Double GlazingIt is possible to get a wide range
of colours and woodgrains that
can enhance your house and give
it a little individual appeal.

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Double Glazing Perth

Aluminium Profiles

COOL or COSY aluminum profiles are designed to offer high level of heat and cold protection, and sound insulation. The use of multiple locking mechanisms in combination with thermal-breaking (in red), make our profiles absolute secure systems.

Opening Systems

Double Glazing Doors

Cool or CosyCA101C is an opening system with excellent performance in water-air tightness, and a variety of different profiles, offering many choices for the final appearance. The completeness of CA101C makes it suitable for every construction, simple or complicated.

  • Aluminium Alloy: AIMgSi 0.5 F22, according to DIN 1725.
  • Frame dimensions: 52mm to 180mm width, and 51mm to 68mm height.
  • Sash dimensions: 62mm width, and 85mm to 103mm height.
  • Dimension tolerance according to DIN 17615.
  • Sealing with central EPDM gasket and two semi-foam gaskets for inner-outer sealing.
  • Glass panel thickness from 5mm to 32mm.

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Double Glazing SystemsCA109C. This new thermal-break opening system combines classic design and new technology, with great aesthetic result and high construction standards. The system is designed for windows and doors with high levels of thermal and sound insulation.

  • Aluminium Alloy by AIMgSi 0.5 F22, according to DIN 1725
  • Frame dimensions: 72mm to 128mm width, and 53mm to 70mm height.
  • Sash dimensions: 51 mm width, and 82mm to 105mm height.
  • Tolerance dimensions according to DIN 17615. Sealing with central EPDM gasket and two semi-foam gaskets for inner-outer sealing.
  • Glass panel thickness from 16mm to 46 mm.

Double Glazing Perth

 Thermal break Curtain Wall systems

double glazingCA102CU is the top Semi-Structural Glazing curtain-wall system, which creates a 12mm interval between the frames. Its basic characteristic is that there are no bolt keepers on the transoms of the glazing panels. Handle placing can be done fast and easy any time or on any panel chosen, by simply setting a handle on the window even after the construction phase with no additional cost. The main advantages of the system are the ease and the quickness of the framing assembly and glazing panel assembly, which are prefabricated in the production unit. The performance during water-tightness testing of Albio 102 was excellent ranking the system on the top of the Semi-Structural Glazing curtain-wall systems.

Double GlazingCool or CosyCA130CU and CA130CU2 offer ease of construction and is applicable in any building. With a 50mm face width, Albio 130 can adopt glazing thickness from 6 to 36mm. The mullion profiles cover a wide range of moments of inertia between 60 and 820 cm4. The system offers various options for the external decorative cap profiles.