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Introducing Cool or Cosy Double Glazing
Cool or Cosy is a market leader in energy efficient building products. Our latest innovation is Cool or Cosy Double Glazing – double glazed doors and windows for residential and commercial buildings. People in Europe, North America and Asia have always understood the value of double glazing. Now new energy efficiency standards and denser urban lifestyles are creating a demand in Australia.

What is double glazing?
Double glazing consists of two panes of glass in a robust frame, with air trapped between the two layers. This creates a superior insulatingbarrier – up to 80% better than single glazing. So you enjoy better soundproofing, better thermal performance with lower energy costs and better security.

The cost is less than you think.
Surprisingly, double glazing costs less than you think. It will save you money in energy costs over time, add to your home or building’s value and help you

Double the Style, Double the Choices